Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Summer 2016 Highlights

Literally, no one has ever been as excited by an inflatable crocodile. 

The penguin crew. The halloween costumes that keep on giving. 

Sun's out buns out. 

He found "it."

Please don't overlook Charlotte's face. The best part.....

When Mom doesn't put you down for your nap in time...you improvise.

Holding bunnies at the farmer's market. Genius marketing!

Almost worth the 45-minute wait.....

Favorite outdoor toy. 

Fourth of July pancake breakfast at the ol' wardhouse

It's a boy! Yay for a gender reveal Fourth of July style!!

Drifting on the sport court

Post s'more coma

Sweet mullet curls. 

Emmett's favorite spot -- playing percussion on the counter with a rapt audience (Great Grandma Von) 
9 year anniversary! Crazy how time flies!