Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good Sabbath

My college roommates and I tried to stage a come-back of this Jewish phrase used frequently in Fiddler on the Roof. I don't think it made it, but I still like the connotation of the greeting, like hey, it's Sunday, hope you have a nice relaxing one.

It is pretty easy to do that when your church is at one and your biggest decision in what carbohydrate-comfort-food you will choose for your over-sized Sunday meal. I chose some nice Costco tortellini, little bruschetta/bagel slices and green beans, yum.

So, the "boy" is my husband, Mike, the lumbering six and half foot man of my life. I started referring to him as the boy when we were first dating at BYU, many years after I had first met him, and the nickname stuck. While he is much more a man, probably the best man that I know, I still think it is cute. We are living in P-town, Provo for those of you not as familiar with the eclectic bubble of Mormon Americana nestled along the Wasatch Front. Mike is going to school at the Y, and I, with my bachelor's already done, am working in Salt Lake and preparing for grad school. This picture shows our area at its best, the Alpine Loop during the Fall.

Our life is busy but really fun. We are pretending to be real people with an apartment and a penchant for youTube videos, Arrested Development, going to the gym, and being home in the most glorious place on earth -- Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.