Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I heart Coeur d'Alene

We got a chance to go home the last weekend in February and had a blast. You know you are from Idaho when you pack up all of your snowboard stuff...from go home for little more than 48 hours to get some more slope time in with your fam.

One problem though...and apparently this is a reoccurring that the mountain temperatures make it very difficult to happily photograph the memories. You see -- I can do a Derek Zoolander blue steel look here...

But this one looks like I belong on a short bus. Or that I have some gastrointestinal issues. At any rate -- my huge cheeks seem to act like giant ice packs that are incapable of responding to muscle stimuli and instead hang limp on the side of my face.


See isn't that cold, so we are totally kosher.

And this is just adorable -- while we were visiting the Ratelles our Aunt Amy came over to visit and let us see our newest cousin, little Mylie. And yes they are both napping in this chair.

Love it -- my husband should know better than to make cute poses with kids, or to let me go into a Baby Gap. Sigh.

Here is Mocha with little Tytan - such a heartbreaker. Thanks Suzie and Doug for flying us home - what a treat!


julianne rose said...

as usual, you make me laugh to near tears with your blog :) um, you on the short bus. um, stop it.

love you

Lindsay Anne said...

Do I sense some baby fever? I hear cowbell helps with surprisingly a lot.

The Reynolds said...

You are both the best. We love being here so that we can enjoy you on the weekend trips home, as well. We love you!