Friday, June 26, 2009

Ironman and family

2.4 mile swim.

The Leonard Ironman groupies! Team B-L-A-S-T (Barnes, Leonard Astine Support Team)!

112 mile bike.
26 mile marathon run.
I am so proud of my little brother - he did awesome! are an Ironman!!

Cathie and I going out on the town - nothing like bar-hopping Sherman to bring some HS memories back. Along with half of your high school classmates.

Went to Hannah Banana's dance performance -which was sweet! Seven dances later (and those were just the ones SHE was in...I felt ready to bust a move as well.)
Look at those legs in their Chorus Line number??! Amazing..not a whole bunch of people who can look good in high cut gold spandex, I tell you what.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We have a piper down...

This weekend Mike and I rocked the Scottish Highland Games at Thanksgiving Point. It involved fish and chips, swords, large turkey legs, large men throwing cabers (aka trees) in kilts, and of course in an authentic Scottish tradition --- rain.

Yeah, this guy was in a full chain mail. Awesome. Think of this event as live action role play, Braveheart, and Hot Topic rolled into one event.

A month before I was having fun with my sisters at home - this was taken after Junior Miss. Serious smiles are overrated - sorry Moms.

And this was before that, call it the Dark Ages of my Spring -- the end of first-year finals. While this isn't my desk, I do think this installation sculpture summarizes my feelings about finals, and about the extensive time I spent in the library in a windowless dungeon study room.

Our study table - the pita chips and snap peas are mine but don't think I didn't pop those M&M's like there was no tomorrow. Because I did. Don't you dare judge me.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The only capital movements I see...

While the credit market is still fairly frozen, you could entertain yourself with a frustrating look at a capital punishment case here in Utah that I become involved with as an intern. (and you can see me...well..if you are looking really hard for the loitering group of really savvy looking attorneys/interns hanging out in the hallway talking about the new Terminator movie...we're pretty legit.)

The news story is here. Its a sad case, but watching this guy in court is pretty crazy and the victim's son is a nice guy with an impressive sense of humor about the whole thing. Can't really say more than that...