Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines Day

This picture was posted on my new iphone..the sneaky present that my hubby surprised after enduring weeks of whining from his wife that she was the only female member of her family without one. (its true...through disappointing my persuasive tactics had to be so juvenile) He sabotaged my day by stealing my phone (have you ever tried to coordinate rides at a out-of-town conference without a phone..yeah..its no bueno), but I was more than happy when he put it into my hands. I have now gotten completely synched and updated and am pretty sure my phone could run our country better than some of the eejits in Washington (snow included...I have a weather app...). I am darn sure it could balance the budget...don't be fooled by the bubble wrap popping or ball physics games, this baby can p-r-o-c-e-s-s.

On Valentine's Day itself, we enjoyed a nice steak dinner. Although because of the lateness of Mike's meetings on Sunday he had to get a little creative with his grill-game (e.g. headlamp). The steaks were great, if not blasphemously-rare for any vegetarian, and we had a relaxing meal on our freshly cleaned table. (this is indeed a momentous occasion, we are more ottoman folk, and I don't mean we like the Turkish Empire).

I decided in lieu of the WWII movie we watched the night before to go all out with my dress for church. What-- you don't like to incorporate vintage-costume style wardrobing for church? Missing out.

And I gave Michael his present, a collection of Marine aviation books and a pistol-shaped egg fryer. Love you honey (despite the fact that he once again preempted my gifting by buying himself something, in this case a new weapon that rhymes with basalt trifle.)