Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Q and A...

To simplify I am addressing the top questions I have had...

Are you sick?
No (BIG knock on wood). I know this means other women hate me, or that I will have the worst contractions in the world, or be cursed with a perma-colicky baby or some other miserable curse to balance the prenatal karma in the universe. I will keep you posted but as for now -- we are cruising without chucking.

Had any cravings?
I don't think you can count frozen yogurt...but I have been on this caesar salad kick (the kind you buy in a bag from the grocery store...and I do have a very specific kind from my youth that reminds me of when my parents were gone and we had a sitter). As my Dad has reminded me with a well-timed Dave Barry quote, "you are eating for two, but the baby is the size of a tangerine, not a Volkswagen."

Are you excited?
Duh. This falls into the same category of "here's your sign" questions as when people asked my brother-the-groom last week if we was excited to get married. Of course.

Is my Mom excited?
Also a no-brainer, but to give you some context, this is her first grandchild and when I told my parents I was pregnant my Dad stated, "They could drop a nuclear weapon in the Middle East today and she would still have a smile on her face." Yes she is excited. She would be nesting her nursery if she hadn't already done know...about 4 years ago.

Are you going to find out what you are having?
Probably. Still harboring some fantasies that I could be patient enough to wait for the big surprise, but since I have a blossoming project list of baby things to make and have the time NOW...versus in November when I you know..technically still in law school, I am erring on the side of finding out.

My hunch is that its a boy. Don't ask how I know. I just feel boyishness.

So you are having a baby in November -- aren't you in law school? Are you insane?
Possibly. Jury is still out on science.

Yes, I am still in law school, BUT I am graduating in December, so really, we are only talking about one crazy month of newborn + studying for finals. I have a vision of me doing a night nursing with the baby and leafing through a law textbook with my highlighter (this will likely not happen)...but in my head it all works out.

Thanks for all of the congratulations! Yeah for babies. (speaking of...saw the documentary with my cousin Kelly, who is also preggers, and it was fabulous, of course this is also coming from two women who are very baby-crazy at the moment but still, it was cute, even if the white baby was the least exciting)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heaven and Hell -- Britt's version

Inspired by Lexy---

My heaven:
  • Anthropologie without price tags
  • Cake batter frozen yogurt
  • Reading in a car warmed by the sun
  • Perfectly organized/labeled iTunes
  • kettle corn
  • Sunday morning snuggles
My hell:
  • cereal boxes that don't close anymore because someone impatiently ripped them open
  • NPR jazz music
  • weak lemonade...go big or go home...
  • mom jeans
  • carpet like this...
  • ...frightening similar to the carpet in our own basement student apartment
  • single socks