Monday, June 28, 2010

People need a passport to come down here...

First of all -- my sister is the new national representative for Distinguished Young Women (formerly known as America's Junior Miss)! Stories here, here, here, video here. (I can't help myself -- it's like a unstoppable rebel force of brag-i-ness that I know will only be eclipsed someday by my own children)

Congratulations Madison!

Needless to say, my family and I had a great time in Alabama last week -- despite the heat, the quasi-beach cleanup, and the US World Cup loss. We were so proud of Madison on the first day of competition - simply because she had gained so much from the experience by meeting new friends, stretching herself and generally benefiting from the best the program had to offer.

She would have been happy to come home with empty arms and two weeks full of memories - its a tribute to her that she was able to accept this honor and new adventure with as much enthusiasm and grace.

Here are some other pictures from fun stuff over the past few weeks. I have been flitting from Idaho to Utah and back for work and play. The only constant seems to be my ever growing belly and appetite.

Showing off my new skirt I made (I couldn't stomach paying $$ for a simple cotton skirt with an elastic waistband, I was just happy they're back in style).

Madi's graduation.

My beautiful backyard...Hayden Lake looks great in rain...

Or shine.

Dressing up like hippies for the farmers market. Don't you dress up for Saturday errands?

Amazing costumes from the Mardi Gras Costume Museum in Mobile, AL. They are insane. Especially when one considers that Mardi Gras usually connotes people taking off clothes...not doing a Quasimodo-like stagger to carry their massive jewel-encrusted weight across the floor.

Enjoying some HOT Alabama sun at our Mobile pool. The pool was more like a bidet than a Olympic regulation size, but I did get a few laps in -- that is until my swim cap flew off my giant noggin. This shouldn't come as a surprise, but I am not the only one in my family who struggles with a giant head -- or ill-fitting swim caps.

Here's to a great start to summer!