Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nonno & Nonna

I have some great memories of visiting my N&N in Tucson, AZ -- but it was particularly sweet to have a special visit with just them and Ellie and I this past week. We were spoiled rotten (she's the first great-grandchild to visit) and I'm pretty sure the larger Saddlebrooke area was made aware of just how fabulous my little girl is to her great-grandparents.

Frankly, I'm a bit suprised my Nonna didn't take out an ad on one of her real estate listings...

Here are some pictures from our adventure -- unfortunately I was a huge dolt and forgot my camera battery, but I was able to snap some pictures on my Nonna's camera.

We walked, swam, ate, and napped -- not a bad vacay as I judge it, even with peanut getting her second tooth in (more fun--teething--love it!!)

Love you lots N&N, and thank you for a wonderful trip!