Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wingardium Leviosa...It all ends here.

Sorry its taken me a bit to get this pics up. Thanks to everyone who could come -- I've been a HP fan for a long time and it was fun to throw a party before the midnight showing. It will likely last me until I throw a Harry Potter party for Ellie someday....

I went as Bellatrix....

And Eleanor was the Golden Snitch. Adorable--right?! Thanks to Nanna for whipping up a custom gold pantuit the day before...gotta love a seamstress in the family....

pumpkin juice

sorting hat bread

beetle the bard "wings" /chip and dip

 Grandma Suzie was down here for the Young Ambassador Showcase and was nice enough to watch Ellie for the party-planning, cleanup, and midnight showing of The Deathly Hallow!!

 James and Kelly

Wizard Cupcakes

The Deathly Hallows...

our mini whomping willow

floating candles in the 'great hall'

some wand magic via sparklers (note how excited they BOTH are about the fire)

 Mike said Ellie would go in Gryffindor...of course! (Its also the only House he knows since he hasn't read the books or paid that much attention to the movies...yeah....Huffarump is NOT in HP).

We also had butterbeer, deviled dragon eggs, and spinach artichoke dip (to go with the sorting hat bread...although honestly...it was more of a decorative piece than a apetizer..came out kind of hard).

Expecto Patronum!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fourth of July II

yuum....cucumbers...just like her Auggie

Ellie loves Grandpa's hair...

And AJ

What? We're just evening out the sides...

If you can't get your kid to smile...join them....

Ellie's new trick...clapping.

And her new favorite sleeping position, at least when a new tooth is coming through...

Monday, July 18, 2011

You're a grand ole' flag

New developments...Ellie can climb now. This is her peering over the edge of her crib, looking mighty darned pleased with herself. 

And me putting her on the ground so I could adjust her crib. It was a sweltering knuckle-banging task that reminded me I needed to vaccum and dust the nursery thoroughly. But baby girl is safe again and now has to cling to the bars of her crib ala Shawshank Redemption to cry "sanctuary!" when I put her down for her nap.

Eleanor and James at the pool...James with a vintage-inspired singlet bathing suit I made (obviously great craftmanship, erego its falling off his shoulders...baby's bodies are so diverse, seriously.)

Ellie and Lexy -- a long-lost aunt of hers that she loves, even though she only got to hang out with her for 24 hours. We have missed L&J so much since they moved to North Carolina but it was so great to see them at the crossroads of our respective vacations. 

Our Fourth of July was spent up in Idaho. Eleanor was spoiled rotten by all of her family and was a hot commodity. Here she is with Grandpa Doug jumping on the trampoline (she loved it!)

Us at sunset BBQ.

With Uncle Caleb, both still in pajamas.

Watching Aunt Hannah ride in the Distinguished Young Women float -- go Banana (crutches and all -- she's such a trooper!)

 Ellie and Grandma Suzie.

Ellie and Aunt Hannah.

And Aunt Madison. Note the overalls...she has about a dozen-pair.

In one of her Fourth of July outfits (how was I to know that she would receive more than one-- in addition to the one I made her? so it became a red, white and blue-themed week...nautical IS in style you know).

Ellie and Mom at the Griffitts' famous hillside slip-n-slide.

The grandpas and their girls.

The boys out on the logs during the fireworks.

Ellie and peonies photoshoot - Suzie had beautiful pink peonies in our room that reminded me of my bridal bouquet -- I had to snap a few pics with Ellie -- even though she tried valiantly to eat them.


Loved being on the dock and putting her toes in -- wasn't quite enamored with a full body dunk in the frog-ring. Let us know she preferred to sunbathe and bid her time until the lake warmed up a bit.

Canoeing with Grandma.

What a backside. (with more hair coming in -- exciting!!)

Cousin Mylee being so helpful in feeding Ellie. She adored her and gave her hugs and kisses at least 20 times a day.

Buddies in matching outfits!

And an open-mouth kiss. Well -- we didn't specify where she was supposed to kiss her...and Ellie pretty much tries to put everything in her mouth..so yeah...we'll work on it. Or she'll get really good at softball -- just kidding!!