Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My eggs are on strike...psych!

I'll never forget a conversation with my college roomates where they shared their ovarian woes until finally proclaiming -- my eggs are on strike. Well my friends, mine are not -- for Ellie is going to be a big sister!

It's official. We are due with #2 the first week of October. Ellie seems...excited (can't you tell?) She does point to my belly when I ask her where the baby is...but I think she is equating belly button with a baby...hard to tell.

In other egg news, we had a fabulous Easter, wrapping up a week with some of our family in town. We did an Easter egg hunt, went to the zoo, and spent some time on carousels (Ellie's favorite...although she takes them VERY seriously...these are no slashie-activities folks...this is the big league). 

I was pretty happy with how all of our Easter outfits turned out, even though making a tie is a bit more of a project than I anticipated (can you say cut-on-the-bias and hand-sewing? yeah...there's goes the entire Wives and Daughters series on Netflix...)


I am done with pictures!