Wednesday, May 23, 2012

red polka-dot suits.

Got some yummy sugary treats to celebrate the news of another "sweet" girl in the family. Yay for little sister!!


thank you!

  Ellie wanted to go down the water slide. I was happy to oblige. We did it another three times!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthdays and un-birthdays

I had my 27th bday last week (or as my sweet Cooney cousins framed're just three away from thirty!!) Thanks--- 'preciate it.

We had a lovely luncheon to celebrate the day before where we took some pictures of the kids -- because heaven knows taking pictures with your kids is a multi-Mom job. 

Thanks Cooney girls!!

Ellie also turned officially 18 months. 

She celebrated her half-birthday be eating a raw dough ball that was raising outside in the sun. I don't want to be judgy about raw food diets...but I'm pretty sure it wasn't what she expected. Lesson learned, the rolls will be higher next time. :-)

 Mike spoiled me on my big day - stuffed french toast, a couples' pedicure (his first! he was a fan of the massage chair), Happy sumo sushi and a homemade peanut butter pretzel-crust cheesecake (baked from scratch by my studly should be impressed).

Lang zal ze leven....lang zal ze leven...........

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I used to play naked in your paddling pool

sweet horse costume we scored from our neighbors (one of many really pays to have neighbors moving to Hawaii...they are quite generous with their stuff...) :-)

pointing to Daddy's toy helicopter (yes...the helicopter that belongs to the 27-year-old)...she has a little helicopter sign for it....brrrrrrrr..............

 so maybe not a morning person

just kidding........

tearing off a chicken leg...sometimes, she REALLY reminds me of her father.

outing up to Bridal Veil Falls...she loved it. she usually insisted on scuttling unaccompanied...what a shock...but then would get slightly perturbed at tripping over rocks and getting deeper into the glacial waters...yeah, this is the real arctic blast water..... no gatorade flavor....straight from the Wasatch..woooh!

the cold water catching up

the ride back to the car. since she was soaking wet, she slipped into something more comfortable...

naked patio time. obviously the hat is a critical part of the sunscreen strategy

getting a bump! definitely feel more bumpy than joy. no, really its great, I am feeling onion baby move all the time and I love it.

Auggie visiting for some paragliding time. Reading a story to the kiddos...

complete with crazy there any other kind of storytelling? especially by my dad??

We also took a weekend trip to Seattle to celebrate my Grandma Dorene's 80th birthday. It was a surprise music spectacular and it really was a lot of fun to perform a "journey through the decades" with my cousins. 

Here is Nana giving some horsey rides...

Looking out over Lake Washington.

Reading Grandma's special memory book (which was awesome, nice work Denene!!)

obligatory four generation picture. If I can look like these gals in my fifties and eighties, respectively, then I will be a happy camper.

Watermelon girl

She took her lambie outside with her....I believe this was before she decided he needed a "bath" in the kiddie pool. Excellent.

kisses to lambie...her favorite softie that she sleeps with every night.

Naked time! Why not.