Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Day

We got to spend our Thanksgiving in Coeur d'Alene with my family, which was great. We had the special treat of seeing my Grandma Dorene and her husband Dave, who braved the pass from Seattle to fest with us for a few days. There was a lot of eating, napping and football-watching, with some massage chair action and hot-tubbing thrown in for good measure. We finished the weekend by attending the Festival of Trees Gala (aka, Chinese torture if you ask the men in our party...) Ellie and Lottie got to spend a few hours with their Shooshie and Papa Doug before we started our nocturnal drive back to Utah (queue the 5-hour energy drink endorsement). We are truly thankful for our family members and were blessed to be able to spend some time with them. 

  Cooking the thanksgiving Jello with Nana...

It took her about a minute to figure out the powder was tasty...don't look at the blatant health code violations Aunt Ruski...

Auggie serenading the group with his guitar skills. Some of the material was original...and would completely eliminate my Dad from public office if it were ever shared...

Going on a walk up the driveway during a sunny patch.

Gobble. Gobble.

The cooks (I used that term loosely on the left, although he does always carve the bird beautifully)...

 The spread.

The pilgrim who slept through the first round of food, but was eager to make up for lost time...mostly with her jello....

Light and love.

 Ellie giving Grandma Dorene some iPad lessons...

 Dave and Mike doing what they love...

High school  besties who came over to fawn over my latest offspring

Triple couch snuggle.

Early Xmas pajamas!

Nothing like some naked horse riding after a bath.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I want a pony.

Charlotte is one month-- I decided to do her pics on this cute chalkboard instead of the calendar. Crazy how fast it has gone!

Ellie's second birthday was celebrated in pony fashion --

 Ellie opened up her big present at breakfast -- a play kitchen! She loved it. Her Daddy may or may not have cursed the Chinese manufacturer who made it ala 2 am when assembling it...but its here now...

Nana Niece was able to come down and help with party prep -- which turned from nice into a necessity when I was laid out with the flu the day before. Nana was a lulu-wearing Martha Stewart, transforming my Pinterest-visions into realities...pony-shaped PB&Js, pony sugar cookies, veggie cups for the kids, pumpkin spice soup, pumpkin apple dip, etc. Thank you Nana!!

It took Ell a bit to warm up to the live "horsie" in her midst...but she did love her ride. And then she was promptly ready to get off.

Charlotte slept through the whole fiesta. Good baby!

Pin the tale on the pony.

Why not? She was kind of like a large dog!

Getting done with the party...or at least being outside....

And last, but not least, Daddy surprised Ellie with her very own pink toy shotgun. It has cartridges and can rack. Just what every two-year-old needs!

One last bit of Nana's cake...because she didn't have any sweets today... :-)

We are so happy you came into our lives 2 years ago Eleanor Mae! We love you.