Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cold weather. warm hearts.

Can you spot my two girls in the Costco cart? It was a bit of a tight fit...

 Ellie's snowman she made in church nursery - didn't last the car ride home.."uh-oh--all gone!"

january book exchange party up at the Curtises

  Lottie looking scholarly...

Ellie's playgroup goring themselves on apples...found about 7 vampire-style-bitten apples around the house...most of them credited to Ellie...

  Loves from Nana

putting together Ellie's big girl bed -- it looks pink but I actually painted in red. Thank you Ikea.

  baby cleavage.

  Have caught some interesting naptime positions as we transition to the big girl bed....

 I call this one 'the angry sleep"..its part turtle...part angst....

 The igloo was followed the next day by the naked sleep (she completely disrobed to protest her nap...I spared posting the pic out of courtesy...but I will save the proof for later use....)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ugly Sweaters part II

Ellie picked this ensemble out herself. 

  Christmas Eve dinner... In & out...I think we have a winning tradition here!

  The boys modeling the gaiters I made them...naturally they are old-time fighting men with those 'staches....

  My piece d'resistance (not the correct french spelling) gift -- all the HPs in blue-ray!

  Charlotte and her first cousin, Tommy!