Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend. It didn't hurt that we were celebrating in SPF-weather and were plied with sweets of every quasi-spring-shape and size. I mean -- if its shaped like you a bunny, you pretty much have to eat it. 

The dyeing of easter eggs with the toddler was...interesting, as any adventure with fragile foodstuffs and permanent dye would be. Ellie appears to be employing some sort of sixth-egg sense here to discover which one she should decorate next. With how many eggs that girl puts away (thanks to her father), I don't doubt her one bit. 

Ellie and James "doing dishes"...aka playing in the water until they start poking each other with spoons...

Some beautiful treats supplied by my friend Ruth. I took a picture of these since nothing I cooked over the weekend came close to being as Pinterest-worthy...


 And our first and second casualties of the night, respectively. Part of the memory-making with toddlers! Ellie:" ah---egg...broken! A Mama--fix-it??"

Easter egg hunts/parties. Thanks to the Madsens and Smiths for hosting!

Mike and his sister Alyssa with our nephew Tommy

So you mean I get to look for these eggs and just eat the candy inside? Where's the catch....

This was Ellie's "breaking Amish" moment. As my husband so lovingly pointed out (after I had invested countless hours of sewing into these dresses and bonnets)..."she looks like a sister-wife."

Oh well. We were embracing our Dutch heritage this Easter! If that means throwing a little polygamy-little house on the prairie-ness be it...I HAVE A VISION!

  I think she was just pointing out the waterfall...but she might have been thinking about pushing him in. Hard to say.

Happy Easter! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend with my family. It was easy to be thankful for all of my blessings, including the sacrifice of my Savior who makes it possible for this kind of joy to be part of my life forever. Much love --