Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Come fly with me.

I have a host of miscellaneous pictures from our day-to-day in the last few months. 

 Ellie got to visit the cockpit -- she got a tinkerbell postcard from the pilot and hasn't stopped talking about how she wants to go on a "tinkerbell plane".  Second star on the right, straight on to morning...

Duh duh....duh duh...da-da-da-da-da-da...AHHHHH!!! Shark attack. In the best way.

Best friends. I don't know how she we are ever going to be able to say goodbye to James....

Working on a llama head....with my helper... :-)

And there she is, Mrs. Llama-Mama herself (my cousins and I competed in a 24-hour adventure questival -- which included lots of crazy stunts with this 2-person llama suit I made.) Because everything is better with llamas...

A fairy visits Augie's office.

It's a good day.

" Mama! I'm a robot. "

Let it go.

Those mid-conference session congregrational hymns are there for a reason...I'd like to see a bit more jumping from the conference center patrons...

Hanging out with Uncle Josh -- listening to conference -- for about 10 seconds....

Sink baths are a hit around here.

Chickenpox girl with her Papa Doug.

Nana and all her girls.

 And Gollum.

Presenting Queen Elsa -- in all her glory. We only wear the dress about every day...

Sunday naps.

 St. Patrick's Day festivities

A "pic-pic" at the park....the fruit snacks are a must...the tutu is optional...

Spring fever.

Dad's a good sport.