Friday, June 27, 2014

That is a supressor...not a vase.

Please sir...I want some more samples!

Mother's Day. Because nothing says "We appreciate you honey" like a silencer flower vase.

Mother's Day cards from church. I love that Lottie refused to let go of her stuffed animal for the shot, and Ellie refused sit down...or smile... such "spirit" my girls have!! :-)

Charlotte's favorite time in church -- singing the hymns

I got it Mom. I'm pretty sure the wasabi beans weren't a huge hit anyway....

 Best friends dress up together. Sometimes without pants.

One of our favorite spots -- Bridal Veil Falls.

And we brought Grandma Shooshoo with us! To taunt/feed the fish!

"A flower a-you Mama." (cue heart melt...)

 Every once in a while, its get really quiet and I fear the worst Sharpie-surrealism artwork imaginable -- only to find them quietly in their room -- READING. Crazy. And super cute.

She won't let Mike game without being settled into her spot.

Note to self: don't ever leave toddlers along with packing foam while you chat and eat your lunch outside, assuming that they're engaging in some sort of industrial-Waldorf-creative-packaging-play. They will make it rain--or rather snow--and you will have to leafblow the bits out of their hair. They'll be a little scared -- and you'll be a little happy about that....