Monday, October 19, 2015

Chubby babies, crepes and muddy puddles.

Emmett meets his aunt Ruski! 

Adventures in San Fransisco!

Emmett's first day at church.

Muddy puddles (cue Peppa pig music...)

They set up the chairs all by themselves! (al fresco on the golf cute...)

Meet Miss Reloading.

A creative mermaid...

Emmett and second cousin Owen/Martin...

Berry picking at McBride Briar patch in Spanish Fork.

Daddy perfect his raspberry crepes (courtesy of VERY expensive William Sonoma cookware...)

Second Sunday at church...note the jailbreak outfit courtesy of the Relief Society blow-out...

Supporting Cousin Kellen in SD.


Just heading back from the park...Lewis and Clark traveled with less.

Album cover art??

Fishing at Alpine park.

Lunch date with Mom at the mall.