Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Juice boxes and bunny tails

 Sorry for the delay grandparents (and anyone else who is interested in the late spring happenings of a family of four).... but since I know we have a lot more pictures coming down the pipeline...I figured it was time for some catch-up!

Another graduation from tumbling tots -- because we really needed another plastic medal for our toy box.... :-) (they are pretty cute in their victory poses....choking hazard aside)

 No better spot for a pony.

 Will you be my valentine? (bed-head is a bonus!)


Why not wash windows in the nude? (although as Mike pointed out...it's probably the chore they are the least suited too...it requiring no finger marks and consistent application of cleaning solution...)

 Roaring 20s bday party for cousin Kelly. Oh my!

Cartoon giggles on the computer.

Good morning sunshine....

Yogurt residue. A delight.


Easter Sunday. 

Ellie and her first soccer season -- go Green Machine!

Rainy day forts. 

Someone helped herself to eye makeup on Sunday morning...gave her Dad a heart attack! 4 going on 16 (with adjacent attitude...)

The wonders of down. We have all been converted.