Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Fall...

Thank you for coming back after a frightenly quick jump from Summer to Winter. I knew you wouldn't hold out on us.

Thanks for making the mountains, the redeeming geography of the Utah landscape, gorgeous in burnished hues of orange, cranberry and gold.

Snaps for giving me the opportunity to wear my new pink pea-coat, curtesy of this summer's Nordstrom anniversary sale. It was not a disappointment. And no...this is not me. While I like her whimsical hair-do, any effort to style my locks in a loose look like this would make me look like Lucy Honeychurch, from A Room with a View. Great movie,very, very bad hair.

Gracias for amazing holidays--Halloween, a celebration where you dress up, and Thanksgiving --a day devoted to eating amazing amounts of food--what more do you need?

Obrigada for a fall placement break; for boots, scarves, and tights; and for seasons in general...I'm a fan.

Brittany Mae


Josh and Lyndi Smith said...

Loved the ode to Fall. You are my kind of girl! Hope all is well in Provo with studies and all you are up to!

julianne rose said...

je am too.

(a fan that is).

Chelsea Peterson said...

love the coat!

David and Shalynna said...

I'm so glad you found us! But, very embarrassed that you stumbled across our blog with the stupid pageant post. Long story, so we'll tell you more later! You two are so cute together. Did you go to Kelly's wedding? How was it? We would have loved to go. I just thought of a great idea... why don't the Boy and you come out here for vacation this winter. We could go to Cuba. Think about it!