Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter 1 - Ratelles O

So...maybe there are benefits to renting...except for that even if a pipe freezes in a stairwell and floods only your apartment and you have to move all of you furniture and live like an eccentric antique dealer for a week...and the carpet is fixed and you don't have to pay for it...but you have to endure air hanger-like turbine fans in your 500 square foot apartment for days on end...and you have to keep you doors open for the cords so you end up heating the whole neighborhood...and a month later...still no bathroom flooring.


Like I said -- Winter won this battle.


jenna said...

You guys... im so sorry. That is no fun. I guess in the end though you do get new carpet and whatever else you might need. Hope you are doing well and school is going okay. Im looking forward to seeing you guys again here soon, hopefull! Good luck with the pipe ordeal!

Lindsay Anne said...

Take comfort in the fact that in the end, you will win because winter will "die"--the rotation of the earth decrees it so. Even if its small comfort