Friday, September 9, 2011

Naps, nakedness and Nana Niece

She's a burrower...just like her daddy. 

Indian food out on our "patio"...she loved the rice. And Mom's fingers.

 Hugs to Nana after her overnight visit while picking up her new car. It took her about an hour to leave.

Naked time in the baby pool!

She loves watermelon, really, but she also loves to make faces...this is another gift from her father, although I have been told I have no poker-face myself.

And I wil call it my squishy and it will be mine...hugging our Beatles-singing-sunflower from Grand-Aunt Jamie.

Oh so big.

I'm not tired...I just have a little bit of raspberry in my eye...really...

Is that chocolate or poop? Oh boy...its poop. Our first (and pray last) naptime-poopalooza...literally. It was everywhere...including all over her binky (I'll spare you the pics but they are archived for posterity's/senior yearbook sake). I love that she is just looking at it--huh...yeah...that is a lot of poop...

All fresh and clean...napping in her diaper...a wonderful summer tradition.


Kelsee said...

You've gone this long without a poopalooza moment?! That's pretty good! The worst is when it's in the bath tub, oye, it's gross. And she is just so dang cute! Love her faces she makes, they make me giggle.

cathie.cooper said...

Oh my goodness! I love the poop! Hilarious! :) Miss you and love you! xo