Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'd like to live, under the sea

We have been taking more walks outside (whether its warm or not...can only handle so much cabin fever). Animals and books are regular hop-ons, and Ellie loves our walkabouts. Now that its spring, she has become quite interested in all of the birdies (*tweet....tweet) flitting about. 

 Ellie and lambie, her plushie sleeping buddy that is quite well-loved.

 Superhero capes aren't just for boys.

 Gratuitous photo shoot for Mom in a ruffle romper I made her. She tried to take her hairband off in about 10 seconds, but she looked cute!

Our trip last saturday to the aquarium with Daddy. We had a fun time seeing the fish and the penguins -- even the otters, who were disappointedly sleeping (albeit cutely) .

Gaming with Dad. She will sit like this for 20 minutes before she starts to demand Shaun the sheep. Who knew Battlefield 3 was engaging for toddlers?

New spring outfit from Nana. Mr. Crocodile goes....SNAP!!!

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