Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Guate and back again

We went home the last weekend in May to welcome home Matt - our favorite Guatemalan-missionary. 

 Yes, I did screen print t-shirts with Matt's giant head on it. Nothing says 'welcome home' like your silhouette on a neon yellow shirt....

There were lots of souvenirs to go around -- knives, bowls, nativities...all the staples. :-)

Playing some Just Dance. Work it.

Shaun the sheep break.

Took a walk down to the county club to throw rocks in. It wasn't great weather -- but it was nice enough to be outside here and there....

Ribs! This girls is really shy around meat...she obviously isn't ANYTHING like her dad....

Piano-time with second cousin Mylee. Those two had a great time together.

And a cuddle with Nana Niece.

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