Saturday, September 8, 2012

Toddler mullet

I am behind on my posting but August was a fabulous month for us. Our friends Lexy and Jared visited for an extended weekend from Charlotte and we had a blast: cooking (by Lex of course), playing in the park, alpine sliding, boating, olympic watching/commenting/making fun of the other countries', hot-tubbin, Monopoly Dealin', etc. Ellie was a trooper with bouncing all over the valley and did a pretty good job of not being a complete birth control ad for all of the singles and blissfully-free married couples.  

We miss you! Thank you soooooooo much for visiting us in our humble P-town abode.

We also crossed another item off our bucket list and went fishing for a family night up at Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. While we were not profligate fishermen (mike caught a small one...then let it go thinking surely something more impressive would come along to show ellie...didn't happen), likely because some WT family cleaned out the pond as we were pulling in...we still had a good time.

There were dogs! Can't go wrong. Ellie loves dogs.

Gelato from costco -- should have known the waffle cone plus 90 degree weather was a bad combination -- but try telling that to her....

And there we go. Picture perfect.

Summer mornings at the park.

Now Ellie swings! She is becoming the master of the jungle gym, a veritable Cirque d'Soleil performer in her own right...

Ducks! All males...just hanging out together...a bro fest in the pond.

Cousin Sean's safari birthday party. Ell was unsure of the costuming...although she loved the themed cereal...

Wild beasts! The toddlers dressed up as animals for the kids to "discover" on their safari around the was pretty cute, even if the tiger isn't exactly indigenous to Africa.....

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