Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yellow jeans.

Post-church pass out....nursery is tiring!

  Ski day up at Sundance...love the new lift.

Since Ellis is in her big girl bed...we have naptime battles that would rival any gladiator death match...except there is less leather...much less leather.... I am nearly always victorious, but she does get into some interesting positions as she "angrily sleeps". Yep, she showed me....

Yeah...that one time when she decide to strip naked and fall asleep. Gotta give her points for originality. 

Ellie also got her first haircut this past month. Can you believe it -- the toddler mullet was finally long enough to justify a cut! She sat in a pink car, got to watch some DVR-ed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, was spritzed with some jazzy hair glitter at the end...it was a pretty good experience. I cried when I got in her car afterward, having flashes of her going to prom and getting married. Mike looked confused. 



After: (** it will never actually look like this again because it was blow-dryed...with a roller brush...I'm lucky if I brush my hair...don't think we are going to be breaking out the smoothing serum in between getting yogurt-encrusted pajamas off and some semblance of an outfit on...

Daddy's girl. 


Lottie is all smiles and we love it. She welcomes anyone and everyone with a big wide open-mouth that says -- Hi. I would like to eat your face. She's a great baby and her morning stretch-farts are enchanting. Only time you are going to see those words in the same sentence. 

Charlotte with cousin Tommy.

Hey buddy....what're you doing with your hands??

 We went to a cousin's milk and cookies bday party last weekend. Ellie enjoyed the milk and the ahem...cookie(s)...much as I did...

We also enjoyed the sunshine. The 45 degree weather felt like Cancun spring break to us and Ellie was ready to rock the swingset. I loved seeing her in this special wool coat that my Grandma Dorene made for me when I was her age. Thanks for the yellow jeans Nana -- they're our new favs!


Lexy and Jared said...

I'm in love with your girls. And why don't I get my hair cut sitting in a pink car? Not fair.

Ruth said...

Your kids are adorable. Just in case you didn't know :)

cathie.cooper said...

Serves you right to have a toddler with a mullet. Just sayin'.

Brynne said...

The story of crying after the haircut reminds me of stacy's baby shower with your mom and sisters... your mom was totally crying about them leaving back to college the next day. Then I started crying, too! Was totally picturing my own kids growing up and taking off... because I remember your sisters as wee babes.

ANYWAY.... cute pictures, haircut, baby farts, etc. ;)