Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Moving on up

We are officially in our new home - a charming (that's the word realtors use when something is small but has...ahem...character, right?) townhome on the golfcourse. We have a backyard, we have a big kitchen sink, our pantry isn't in our bathroom -- we are living like kings. No, seriously, we are very happy in our little neighborhood and feel very blessed to have a little nest of our very own. Two kids and a house -- we're almost real people here. 

Life is good -- and we spend most of our evenings dining alfresco -- which is convenient since we haven't cleaned off our kitchen table yet. I am repainting the inside and its a process (toddlers and paint do not mix ... a hard lesson I learned while I stepped outside to talk with a neighbor for 1 minute -- and ellie 'helped' paint the french door window--excellent.) When everything is finished and cute I will share pics. 

My moving helpers...

 Neighborhood day camp dress-up day..couldn't resist...even though she has no idea who Harry Potter is...yet.

feeding the neighbors' chickens

I think this is one of my favorites..just having a nice little after-church photo...awww....ellie opted out. Gracefully.

That post-splash-pad ice cream hangover.

Orem city days carousel -- the big league!

First ferris wheel ride - no problem - she wasn't scared at all -- which was a little scary to be honest.

 watching fireworks from a safe distance..inside our car. she has requested them ever night since when the sun goes night-night.

And another winning Sunday photo shot.

Ribs. My babies are carnivores from the womb.

Lottie just checking to see if there was any other meat over there...

Napping with her bear.

This is how the girls spent most of my triathlon bike training...Good resistance training!

Naked sprinkler time.

Our warm-up Fourth of July outfits.

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