Monday, January 13, 2014

Turkeys, three year-olds and tantrums

Ok -- so these are super in a few months. But, the holidays are a busy time! Ellie turned 3 - we celebrated at an indoor trampoline place and Chik-fil-A (we're classy folks). And then, we headed to California for Thanksgiving. Enjoy. 

Ellie insisted on wearing her Halloween costume for her party. Hey, its your birthday, you can be "ah-racing-girl" if you want to....

Not totally sold on Uncle Trey.

Stopped by Malibu to see Ruski in Les Mis and hang out with Nana and Augie.

And finally, to Palm Springs!

Her father's daughter...

A fabulous meal, thanks to Shooshoo and Grandma Von. Artwork courtesy of my very talented friend Melanie's company, Caravan Shoppe.

And the turkey butt I stole from The Alison Show. Ellie is STILL talking about her turkey bum...

I had this great vision for a Christmas card with us looking cool and hip and the girls delicately intertwined with christmas lights. It was an epic disaster, with fake smiles (or not even attempted smiles) by all. These are my favorite outtakes.

Lottie and Great-Grandma LaVon.

And the last segment was a stop in Laguna Beach to say hi to some friends. It was a quick (and brisk) sunset at the beach, but it was gorgeous. And the dinner we had afterwards with the Oylers almost moved me to tears.

So done! Mom -- we hate that blasted camera.... hahahahaha....

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Maggie Greene said...

Brittany, I love the Christmas picture attempts! I have always thought those pictures with the lights wrapped around the kids are cute. I love Ellie's "excitement" about the lights being strung around her. :-)