Monday, July 14, 2014

Neighborhood Carnival.

Our neighborhood hosted a little carnival a few weeks ago -- I was in charge of the photo booth. The girls were pretty obliging  (Ellie helped me make the pom poms to the tunes of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).  I'm sure the cotton candy didn't have anything to do with the photogenic attitudes. We had a great time -- the games, jumpy castle, dunking booth -- everyone went all out! 

Grandpa Augie came in to fly at Point of the Mountain and got to help put the girls to bed. Ellie and Lottie were putting Augie to sleep with their magic water...which isn't too far off the mark for a man that prides himself on a daily nap.

My beautiful brother and sister-in-law celebrated their little Liv's baby blessing. What a gorgeous little family!

Handmade leggings by Nana...naturally.

Feel the power.

You need to start practicing your duck face young if you want to keep up your online presence...

Everybody loves a Leonard. 'Nuff said. (reunion shirt turned nightgown)

One down. Two to go.

My sweet to war---I mean -- a weekend shooting competition. It's just like golf -- except with more gun powder...

Ellie's a burrower-- just like her father.

Cutest little bums ever. Tub painting at its finest.

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