Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daddy! I met a man in Rome! And he’s handsome, and brilliant, and we’re getting married!

We went to Tawni Griffits's wedding this weekend to Ryan Piggot in lovely Logan and had a blast just hanging out with family, eating some delish food, and generally reminiscing about bodas in general (some more than others...I picked up a bit of sarcasm when Mike was....great....yeah...a great day.)


No stomach for the hours of prepping and planning that go into a flawlesslly orchestrated event with color schemes, wardrobe, music, lighting, you name it.

Here are some pics of us at the various festivities -- enjoy!

Thanks for a great weekend Griffitts!


GiGi said...

Thanks for spending a couple days with us at the wedding! We are so lucky that everyone lived close enough to make it. Brittany, if you have any pics of centerpieces or anything, could you please email me those pics?

Thanks! Love you guys! Sandy

[J] said...

Cute pictures!