Monday, March 30, 2009

The Barrister's Ball...AKA "Law School Prom"

Yes, just in case law school wasn't quite close enough to high school, we had our Barrister's Ball and Award Ceremony/Law School Prom last week. While that sounds like a mouthful, remember that attorneys are paid by the hour and that old habits die hard...even in academia.

So, the formal event was held in the historic Academy Library Building (original BYU campus). I wore a black lace and satin dress.

My husband wore a mohawk and red skate shoes.


My friend Marcie and I. We are snowboarding buddies and look significantly less hot in those outfits normally. Especially me (see frozen cheek smile faces in a previous post for any clarification).

We had a good time, especially since our whole study group made it out. Yeah for seeing folks outside of the law school... or just outside in general.

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julianne rose said...

heeey i recognize that dress! you're so crafty babe! i remember when ali and i convinced you to get it, just months before we knew you'd be wearing G's. awesome babe :) love you!