Monday, May 4, 2009

Throw 'em the fake and then finagle...they'll never know you're just...a bagel...

Props to whoever can catch the reference...I'll give you a hint if you didn't grow up in a Broadway-house...its from a musical set in the 20s...

But anyway, I started my internship today (law schools call them externships...but for the life of me I can't decipher why they are any different other than the obvious grad school thing...I mean...small pay...check...but you get credit..check...yep--- sounds like an internship to me!

I am working at the Utah Crime Victims Legal Clinic, which is a great non-profit in Salt Lake that provides free legal services to people who have been the victims of crimes. Think of it as legal aid (you know - what Sandra Bullock did at the end of Two Weeks Notice) with a uber-specialty - helping out just the victims of crimes, and usually only violent or physical crimes of some sort, protect their rights, e.g. getting reparations from the perpetrators, preparing and reading some sort of victim impact statement at sentencing or the hearing, getting a restraining order, etc.

So its cool -- and I think I will get to go to court a lot, which is pretty fun, because you see some fun stuff there, its like the bus stop but with some random people in suits thrown in the mix. And I am excited to be working with such dedicated attorneys - folks who could be making a killing (well in any normal market anyway) anywhere else but do this kind of thing because they really want to help people, especially in a very pioneering area of the law = victims' rights.

I am excited.

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julianne rose said...

1. is it still cool if i knew the title having lived in the movie house? because the moment i read it images of red bedazzled richard gere ran through my head... oh heavens we had such fun with that movie :)

2. yeah, trying to sex internships up with the whole "externship" name is laughable. because guess what, even when you've GRADUATED from grad school you still get that unpaid tiny office "externship" crap. oh wait, that's where i am right now! hahaha actually arts internships are much cooler, but still unpaid :(

3. i am SO excited for you too on this internship. you must tell me all. for real.

4. love you a whole whole lot!