Friday, June 26, 2009

Ironman and family

2.4 mile swim.

The Leonard Ironman groupies! Team B-L-A-S-T (Barnes, Leonard Astine Support Team)!

112 mile bike.
26 mile marathon run.
I am so proud of my little brother - he did awesome! are an Ironman!!

Cathie and I going out on the town - nothing like bar-hopping Sherman to bring some HS memories back. Along with half of your high school classmates.

Went to Hannah Banana's dance performance -which was sweet! Seven dances later (and those were just the ones SHE was in...I felt ready to bust a move as well.)
Look at those legs in their Chorus Line number??! Amazing..not a whole bunch of people who can look good in high cut gold spandex, I tell you what.


Brynne said...

Wow, I didn't know Trey did Ironman! That is amazing. I wish I had legs like those girls! Also, gotta love "dry" bar-hopping and seeing all those high school friends, huh? ;)

The Reynolds said...

It was so fun to see Trey in the race...we cheered hard for him. We're very excited to see you this weekend. Love ya.

Lindsay Anne said...

I love the kickline, it's almost as good as Hugh Jackman's (that man can really get his long legs up there!). Congrats to your bro, I am seriously impressed by that achievement. I would have given up, kind of like Mrs. Muscle on Wipeout.