Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Birth of Margaret Naomi Burk

I had the pleasure of being there for her arrival and seeing my awesome BF Melanie have a beautiful, natural birth in a local hospital. That's right - the bump featured so prominently in my Stonehedge pictures is now here in her full head of hair glory. I have seen 19-year-olds at BYU with less hair!

I had such a great time being there...and if maternal urges were rated on a scale like water rapids...I was a class V last night.

Yeah for birth and babies!


Lindsay Anne said...

Yay for babies! Seriously Britt, you are an amazing friend and I know you were an amazing support to Melanie during Maggie's arrival. I'm sad I missed it, but so glad you didn't! If Mel needed me in May, she's most definitely needed you this fall!

The Reynolds said...

Way to go Brittany! I witnessed my bf giving birth to her first baby when I was 22 and it actually took me 6 years to recover from the experience and have mine...I'm proud of you for having such highly rated materal urges immediately after the experience:)

GiGi said...

You are going to be such a great mom Brittany! I have never seen anyone that loves to be around babies more than your mom and I am sure that has rubbed off on you! Take Care! Have a good Thanksgiving and we will see you at Christmas!

Love, Sandy

lulu123 said...

you look WAY to happy with that baby in your arms. i'm just saying.