Thursday, January 28, 2010

I don't understand the question...and I won't respond to it.

Random stuff since I had a fight with my camera last night and it won, thereby preventing me from uploading the truly fabulous pictures that would not doubt convince you of my charming outfits, bubbling personality, exciting twitter-worthy life, blah, blah, blah.

I want to make some of these...

See how generous I am? I could be all secretive about my crafts and pretend this all emerged from my brain like Al Gore and the internet, but no, I am committed to transparency, just like the healthcare delegati--I mean, athletes and their drug us----I mean, well -- how about Dog the Bounty hunter and his white-trashiness - that is all out there to see. No one could deny that.

Other things I am looking at while bored in class...

Interesting article about the rise of carseat brigades - parents toting their babes in carseats all day without ever taking them out. Don't mean to judge (but naturally by disclaiming that, I am) since I don't have offspring myself to transport, but it does seem that they are used in settings where baby, and probably everyone else, wouldn't mind being out in the open. (Swine flue-epidemic-like church settings excluded, naturally).

Great thoughts about how not go Brangelina/Madonna/susie homemaker in your efforts to help in Haiti and only cause more trouble or stress. (link thanks to my nonprofit UNICEF friend Jooj)

Beautiful and clever maternity series (I still look at this, even though the baby has already arrived). You're on notice that the dad/photographer is young and edgy, with the language to match it. But, I love their style and modern energy and enthusiasm for raising a family.

Some thoughts about the State of the Union address last night - one of my favorite moments (undeniably because I am a dorky law student), was when Obama openly criticized the Supreme Court as they are akwardly sitting on the front row. Alito of course, can't help himself and starts muttering under his breath. Hilarious! Seriously, if you are going to insult the court while they are forced to sit there under the scrutiny of cameras, at least get your facts straight. I know Ginsburg looked rather frail and sad (and rather like the vultures from Jungle Book), but I am pretty sure Alito and Roberts have spring in their step, enough to rush the podium if they were incited enough.

Obviously this store would not do well with the midnight Provo grocery crowd (you will literally run into 5 people you know if you go to the Provo Smith's late at night). No pajamas at the supermarket-- the gall!!

I am love with this vintage, ruched, starlet-style swimsuit from Anthropologie (of course).

I loved it so much I emailed it to my hubby with a not so-subtle message that I would in fact, greatly appreciate having full ownership of such a suit. I also described the praise of one Anthro reviewer,

"I want to give my measurements to explain how wonderful this suit is. I'm 5'4" with a 32DD chest, a 27 inch waist, and 37 inch hips. I really ought to be painted on the side of a WWII bomber jet. For this reason, I haven't owned a proper bathing suit (without wearing a tee shirt over it for modesty) since I was 14. I've tried the bra-sized bathing suits, but, quite frankly, I don't want to put myself on display, which is how they fit me. What an amazing suit this is! ... it doesn't make me look like I'm putting my goods on display-- in fact, it simply makes me look like I really should be painted on the side of a WWII bomber jet! I absolutely love it and recommend it those girls out there who rock the hourglass figure with me!"

Here is my husband's response:

Most alarming... what the h*%& is a WWII bomber jet?... what do they teach in schools now days... the only jet in WWII was made by the Nazis and was the Messerschmitt 262 fighter/bomber...basically a Messerschmitt 109 and a Junkers Ju87 put together with twin jet engines. It's painting scheme was usually a white underbelly with green or blue on top depending on if it was flying over sea or land... It most assuredly did not have nose art... and if it did why would she associate with them... unless she's an underground hobbit slut fascist... and why would an esteemed law student such as yourself want to associate with that crowd????
(with attached pictures)

Love you honey. What was I thinking?


Kelsee said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! The words escape me as to how funny his response was. Personally I think you could rock the suit without being painted on a WWII Jet, i.e. any Nazi affiliations. And those pom poms are super cute! Love them! -Kelsee

julianne rose said...

seriously so funny. i can't believe mike even sat in the same room with my german! he needs a medal, as obviously WWII is just a wee important for the kid. amazing. and amazing that this is what he got out of that email... do you think he's going to get you the suit? you shouldn't have mentioned WWII. it really threw him off his priorities. i.e. you looking hot and cute.

love you guys SO MUCH!

Lindsay Anne said...

Oh Mike, so funny. Jooj and I were laughing about this all weekend. It's so Jeremy (I'll explain later).

Lexy and Jared said...

the gall of that girl to talk about bomber jets! doofus. but, i do love the suit and think that it would look foxy on you. bomber jet or not, you are the pin-up girl of my heart. is that creepy to say?

Brynne said...

I loved ALL of it! You are a hilarious...and a great writer! I love all of your comparisons. :)

Brittmae said...

This is mike...

1st off Pin up is like the best thing ever...

2nd Britt didn't post my entire response and completely changed everything I said... It's a woman thing... It makes her more intelligent and me more of a large animal... which i don't entirely have a problem with.

If you would like the full response please email me... It basically ends with me getting her to buy the red suit and a higher probability of us beginning to breed.