Sunday, March 7, 2010

And that's why you always leave a note...

Some winter randomness. Our dryer has been broken for months (since Christmas and was finally replaced this week.) My handy husband successfully installed it, miner's lamp and all.

However there was considerable swearing involved with the procedure.

I went to Kansas City with my Mom to visit my oh-so-talented ballerina cousin perform in two different ballets. This is me at a considerable less elegant but delightful locale- Gates BBQ. This place was amazing, which was good considering we almost missed our flight home while basking in burnt ends and brisket. This picture is likely blurry because of the high speed at which I was devouring my meal.

Amidst our shopping and eating we also visited Liberty Jail, a church historic site with a rebuilt version of hte original jail that held Joseph Smith and friends for four cold months. (the sun was shining and that town still felt freezing, can't imagine chilling in a literal "ice house" for weeks on end).
Stopped by the house I was born in. That was my nursery through those bay windows. Mom had a great time reminiscing about the town and the memories of being a first-time mom in a new city. As a bonus, some old friends did a rendition of a Baptist tune I used to sing quite exuberantly to anyone who would listen, and maybe not even requiring that - gotta' love preschool.

Cousin Sophie and I. She was a hit in Kansas City -- its amazing how babies are appreciated outside of Utah.
The Cooney family at Mallory's dress rehearsal.
Mike and his brother Matt at Tucano's on his birthday.

Us at Snowbird.

I told her the cha-chang was the funnest part of a shotgun. You just can't help yourself. Let it be known that my husband has engaged in a general arms buildup akin to a military operation and likely has more firepower than some European countries.

More skiing/riding. As a friend pointed out - we should have cute kids because we both have "baby faces." Good to know our cheek fat will be useful for something...



julianne rose said...

dearest rhombus-head, you look so so beautiful in that last photo as snow heidi! oh my goodness!
love you.

lulu123 said...

your husband and my brother should get together sometime. with their forces combined they've got to have more fire-power than someplace like andorra...or luxembourg...

Lindsay Anne said...

Do they contract out? I bet between the two of them they can take Micronesia. In fact I bet they wouldn't even need to use their arsenals. All it would take is them landing on shore with their best Haka faces and a couple token items for display and Micronesia would fold.

Love the updates, B.