Wednesday, March 31, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

We had a fun time celebrating over at our cousins' house with the Cooneys. And as you can see, little Lily had a fun time using Mike as a human jungle gym. While he wasn't as jazzed by the new birthday dress (thought it was a bit busty on him) - they do make a cute pair.

We finished off the night watching Gnome Mobile - a movie you would know only if you grew up in the Cooney family, where Shirley Temple and and the like were worshiped with an almost cult-like love. The boys weren't too happy about stopping their very traditional and celebratory-Call-of-Duty-death-game, but interest piqued up after the climax of the movie involved gnome wives in colored nightgowns chasing after eligible bachelors.

Happy Paddy's Day.


Lexy and Jared said...

Oh, those celebratory Call-of-Duty-death games. Soon Jared will have to get his headset surgically removed. But, me loves Shirley Temple and gnome wives!

lulu123 said...

i love that little kids use any other human being present as jungle gyms. and mike is crazy, that dress looked great on him.

Lindsay said...

I have to second Ali. The color of that dress really does suit Mike.