Monday, April 26, 2010

Mike's graduation

So I cajoled my husband into walking for graduation at the last minute, with photos here to prove it. Michael finished school in August, so it was a bit of a belated celebration. However, since our good friends Lexy and Jared were here graduating as well, we just had ourselves a whole bunch of commencement fun. They said their work phones, respectively, were the real markers of their "graduation" -- which is good considering Mike's ringtone is of an angry Irish man reciting a death-prayer. might be a bit of a misstatement, because apparently the Marriott School is letting EVERYONE in these days and the convocation was bit long. However, Lex and I survived by playing on free rice and winning grains for the hungry with words like vallecula...don't get too means groove.

My end of the year was not as exciting (no cap and gown, or sweet-looking Jedi hood that I will be wearing next year), but instead included scary looking outlines like this:

And some super psyched study-group members. I tell myself we will laugh about these days later on, when the pain of finals and the 2-week hell of pre-final studying/stressing wears off...but I 'm not so sure....

Our inner tube water polo team did come quite close to winning the intramural championship, which at BYU is akin to the Superbowl. You don't understand how desperate zoobies are here for physical exertion and a chance to flirt in wholesome c0-ed recreation. Go Torts Illustrated!


Lexy and Jared said...

britt, you are such an inspiration. not only do you win rice for the hungry with your incredible brain power, but you also find time to study your guts out, chronicle your husband's life with photogs and video, and look like a 1940s pin-up girl all the while. your picture should be blown up on the side of a plane (i would try and name a kind, but i don't want michael to rip me a new one if i say "fighter jet" like that poor anthro reviewer).

lulu123 said...

je miss you.