Monday, April 25, 2011

Eleanor's First Tea Party... and other adventures


It was Mike's idea actually (although my execution..who knew you could learn to make a tricorn hat off of youtube? see...I knew that black foam I got on sale at Michael's would come in handy someday). While it was a personal struggle to bypass an opportunity to dress Ellie up in pink decadence...this did have a larger comic effect.

some photos with our fabulous photographer friend Mel

And....the promised nursery pics (I had to wait for a day when it was clean...let it be known in full will never look like this again...)

Ellie with probably her favorite toy, an ostrich beanie baby given by Grandma Suzie. I think the draw comes from the pointed beak -- which looks suspiciously like a nipple.

Dad babysitting. Apparently, our definition of "quality time" is different.

Yeah. She's totally out.

Daddy-daughter nap. I love these shots because my own Dad is such a devoted evangelist for naps -- in all shapes and sizes.

Sunday pic. Mom decided it was time for spring. Fake it till you make it, I say.

Lest you think my daughter is giggles and sunshine all the time. Uhm, no. She has what parents like to affectionately call "personality". She can cry... and scream with the best of them.

Not happy!

This is the closest I've come to capturing her perfect "frown" she does with her downturned lip...its pretty much the cutest sad face you'll ever see.

Walkabout the neighborhood.


Some naked time on the bed.

Rolls. Love it!!

 Another sunday pic.

Dad put her in the bin. I've never put my child in a bin. She is trying to eat her way out.

Our 5-month picture. 

Is just starting to sit up...she can hold this for a few minutes now (meaning she is putting yoga gurus to shame the world over with her far over she is leaning)


Kelsee said...

Holy overload of cuteness!!!!! Her nursery is absolutely precious! I just love decorating baby rooms, so much fun. And those cheeks are to die for! Just want to nibble on the all day! She's gorgeous you guys!

Erica and Dan Kiefer said...

I love all these pictures AND the funny commentary! haha.. especially Mike "babysitting". Easiest day ever for him! Your nursery looks fabulous! very cute, soft and calm. Nice job, Britt!

Jessie Griffitts said...

She's getting so big. Glad to see you guys are doing well. We miss ya!