Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break -- woo!

We visited Palm Springs last week to see the Ratelles/grandparents there. It was warm, it was sunny -- Eleanor got to romp around almost naked. She loved it.

We visited the Air Museum on a particularly scoring day -- the kind that makes you wonder if a place like Palm Springs is really such a great locale for aging folks and even more aging air conditioning units. Mike loved it (like he wouldn't?). The sun was wonderful.

On a personal note -- I have now posted 100 entries on this blog -- which I find somehow satisfying. And -- I have officially passed the bar...which means someday I too could have my bulbous head on a bus with a snazzy slogan like...one call that's all. Something to look forward too. Cheers for the sun.

I've been playing around with lightroom quite a bit, if you can tell by the shots. The best thing -- all of these are still saved in their original non-trendy-I think I'm a photographer now that I have a DSLR-format. Excellent.


Doug & Denene said...

Congratulations on passing the bar Brittany, that must be a great feeling after all your hard work. So proud of you.

I enjoy seeing your pictures, nice work on that.

Brynne said...

Congrats on passing the BAR!!!! Wow!! Awesome. :) As for little Eleanor...I LOVE the picture in her sunglasses on her grandma's lap! It's so cute when they start to get rolly-polly.