Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cousin Babies

Doesn't that kind of sound like a kind of doll? Maybe one where cute babies are almost as fascinated with each other's hands and toes as they are with their own? I shot the babies in our neighborhood park the other day -- even though it was a bit cold. The babies were good sports. 

Ah...Ellie resting her hand on James. 

Telling him a secret. 

Sitting so proudly these two!

Giving him a kiss...

 And trying to eat his head!! Well--can you blame her -- it is a good size noggin! (jk Kelly...he's handsome...look at those beautiful blue eyes of his)


Mary + Trey said...

These are such cute photos!! Ellie and James look like cousins, I love the one where her hand is on his leg :)

mratelle said...

good work babe!