Monday, May 16, 2011

Do you not realize I have had diarrhea since Easters?

Ok -- probably inappropriate for a holiday surrounding the life and death of the Savior...but I am reminded of a certain discussion I overhead my own parents having...about whether "urinated" was kosher for the opening line of our annual Christmas letter.There were Dad "sprinkled' on the evergreens.

So -- Easter. Main breakthrough this year -- the holiday-shaped Reese's taste better. 

Don't know why but they do. And -- because they are a seasonal candy item, one must take advantage of them -- although I'm pretty sure you won't find most people hoarding their Costco Christmas ribbon and then trying to explain to their spouse why it is so offensive that it should be opened and consumed by...anyone else.

Anyway -- we had a lovely Easter. Friends, family, ham, deviled eggs (why do we only eat those at BBQs and Easter -- do eggs not reproduce pretty regularly all year-round?). Church was wonderful -- I love Sunday meetings where music takes the lead -- its always seems easier for people to relax and let themselves feel closer to the Savior with beautiful music. 

We had some firsts -- for Eleanor's first Easter I decided to make a dress (my first!) so I could continue my family's tradition of matching (or styles/tastes allow) outfits for Christmas/Easter. I was pretty pleased with the way the dress turned out, although it was too big (safety pinned in back for pictures...felt like a Hollister employee). I did line in with some soft fabric, remembering the times that I may not have reacted as warmly and appreciating as I should when my Mom made something less than comfortable. The fabric was leftover from her nursery -- so now she has a dress that matches her room -- which I think is pretty cool. Maybe we'll dress her up in it and play Where's Waldo/Ellie when she's camouflaged in her crib. 

Ellie was a great sport for many rounds of photos -- including of her with her first Easter basket (tissue paper instead of fake grass because tissue paper is her eat...and I was not interested in finding plastic grass in her cloth nappies). 

It was so nice of our cousins to include us in their family's celebrations -- and we had a blast hanging out in their beautiful backyard in the foothills of SLC.

I think this would be captioned -"what the h$ll? Uhm...I gave you my smile...let's discuss my next feeding and how its not coming fast enough."

Oh! I crack myself up!!

Loved the ears.

Loved the mommy and baby bunny.

Loved the tissue paper (and links? who knew? these toys aren't just a means to an end so that we wouldn't be forced to backtrack through our hour-long retail therapy stroll through Target again to retrieve a lost toy-- they're great all on their own--yay!!)

Love our cousin James. Decided not to include the shot where Eleanor scratches him out prison-style (just kidding Kelly!)

 Oh..sweet girl and the spring flower. Of course then she tried to eat it. And I had to quickly think back to my girls camp training of poisonous flowers...yikes! uhh...gee...I know how to start a fire with a battery and steel wool -- is that all helpful?

Daddy daughter hammock time.

Me and my girl. I love that little peanut.


Kelsee said...

Oh my gosh her dress is adorable!!! Nice job! I love that yellow fabric and her little hair pretty... um, yeah, precious! You guys just look so happy, I love it!

GiGi said...

Awesome job on the dress Brittany! You are taking after your mother with your sewing skills. Ely is adorable! Such a cute family.

lulu123 said...

you seriously made that dress!? color me impressed...and you all are so beautiful (even mike!)

Nate' said...

Her dress is darling! I am so impressed. Loved all the pictures. Miss seeing you at school. Hope your summer is going great so far. I'm going to have to come down and visit soon. :)