Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Ellie and I had a wonderful trip to Malibu last weekend. Eleanor got to have her first beach outing (with progressively less and less clothes as she gained more courage in crawling out in the ocean), we Xana-did, visited with our Aunt Zia, rocked the night away listening to reggae music (just Ellie, with her sweet "Wave" babysitters), ate way too much food, spoken in Australian accents, sampled farmer's market fare ala hipster style, baked apple pies, did a pre-birthday ellie party, went Thrift-diving at Hidden Treasures, did some light star-gazing, raised our blood pressure while shopping at the fashion district (my Dad did not come...so he can live to see more grandchildren) and generally lived it up. A big thanks to Madison for bringing us all together with her luscious voice and rollerskating calves -- and thanks to my parents for making it happen. 

Love you --- they call me Kiiiiiirrrraaaaa -- which is good, 'cuz that's my name!!

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joojierose said...

these pictures are gorg, and i'm loving all this posting!