Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Hottest Snow Bunny Around

Normally, people don't look sexy skiing/snowboarding. They just don't.

Clothing is by nature of the sport large, puffy, cumbersome, with solid colors and enough overlapping layers to make even the most attractive and athletic people look like farily androygnous snow-beasts.

I love when I am on the moutain skiing or boarding, but hot I am not.

But, that being said, my husband surpised me last night with a completely new snowboard package--board, boots and bindings. He said it was "getting into law school present.
And I will glady take that. And yet, while I am still reconciling myself to the fact that all the pieces don't really match, especially not when the variable of snow clothes are thrown in, my stuff it hot. Especially my bindings. You can't get hotter bindings than this. Behold.

That's right. That is some faux snake skin, gold-looking aluminun plated goodness in a EVA plated binding straight from a Vegas nightclub. I love it!

I am so excited for this pacakge to get here (please UPS man don't get caught in the frustrating "can't deliver because you are in a shoebox newlywed apartment and you aren't home so we will punish your lack of a house and general adulthood by making you come and pick this up between the hours of 9-5, since we just proved you are so available then!"). One can hope. I don't know how this stuff would feasibly fit into our actual shoe-box size mail locker, but maybe I can hope for a HP miracle.

The bindings are only matched in ghetto-fabulous by boots with the fur...if only apple bottom jeans were waterproof...then I too could be the subject of a hip-hop song and set the women's movement back 50 years.

Awesome! Now, if only I can get my rugby-slave husband to go boarding with me, we can break these suckers in!

Other than that, I have had a fun time breaking into the blogosphere reading about moms with really great taste, Design Mom, Heather Bailey, MMW, other moms who are going to law school, just plain old law school students, and just about anything in between that keeps me occupied at work.

No--I am not a mom yet or even pregnant (please, don't go and say anything to my mother, it is just mean to taunt a poor woman with a beautiful canary nursery with a picturesque Land of Nod crib and no grandchildren to speak of yet), but I like reading about these women, because this is who I want to be in the next few years of my life.

The sun is out and yes, while I only know that by craning my neck outside of my cubicle to see the view from the real person, (e.g. attorney)'s office, it makes me happy. Welcome spring, please sit down and stay, especially with a few amazing spring skiing days thrown in for good measure.


julianne rose said...

those bindings made my day. CLASSY

newduck said...

Congrats on getting into law school! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help with the human trafficking work. Um that is, the ANTI-human trafficking work. (I used to tell people I work in child prostitution and they would look at me funny until I learned to say ANTI-child prostitution.

Chelsea said...

Awesome!! Those boots are looks very trendy, comfy and warm. I want to see them in my feet. :-)