Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A few of my favorite things

I love this cute with the fishnets. I would be one of those on this site that would have voted for them to stay--tastefully done of course--but yes--they must stay. I also want some flat riding boots like that, for those days when it is still bad weather but I don't feel like wearing heels, or having a sizable acoustical presence when walking across the lobby.

Also love this site---sidebar of the outfit--check it out,, you can create outfits with it. Sweet! Now I know what I will be filling my after-work TLC watching hours with in the future. As if creating outfits and dealing with clothes in the physical world wasn't satisfying enough. I love this poppy picture, because it reminded me of one of my best friends Julianne, who I also love. Jooj loves poppies, and all things red and dynamic, and is far far away in England, so I will take whatever remembrances I can get.

This gorgeous pic reminded me of one of my other best friends, Ali, who loves all things India, and who I also (sensing a pattern here) love. She did her field study there and brought me back a gorgeous sari I wore for my bridal shower--but that is a story for another day. Both of these pictures are from, which is a great free stock photo site. I use it for work, but sometimes I stumble over some gems as well.

Of course I also love my friends Melanie and Lindsay ( I just don't have cool photos to go with), and my family and my hubbie--but that isn't nearly as visually stimulating. I also loved traveling, and love all things Scottish--

I mean--how gorgeous is that! Another trip, another day I hope.


julianne rose said...

and of COURSE i love you.



cathie.clemens said...

Just wondering why your homegirls from Cda didn't get a little shoutout!? WTF, Britt!? Where's the love?