Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Birthday...surely the event you were celebrating on Sunday, right?

So my birthday post is a little delayed. Mostly I would like to lay blame on the fact that it fell on Mother Day's this year, so May 11th was a little uncoventional in its singularly honoring of me for existing. However, this is no way disparages the wonderful care and treatment I received from my spouse and the lovely phone calls and birthday musical tributes from friends and family members.

Big thank-you to all--it was a big deal to even remember.

I started the day like any other leisurely (restful...a day of rest, right?) Sunday, by sleeping in and waking up to find my husband doing something because of his unfortunately inability to sleep past nine like his wife. I hope this can be overcome by breeding, because I am not sure how psyched I am for children who for some reason *can't* sleep in.

Michael then made me homemade--meaning no Bisquick-- waffles. With homemade whipping cream and lots of delicious strawberries (thank you Costco). I ate them on my "special day" red plate, it is a tradition in our family and was a wedding present from my Nonna.

We then waffled around, I did some sewing, I received some people by phone (kind of like Edwardian vistors with cards, but in my pajamas instead.)Then we went to church, and I looked cute in new clothes, thanks to Mom-and-Dad B-day/going home/shopping bananza present. The shoes weren't new, but were fantastic nonetheless. I bought them as retail therapy instruments when Mike went back to Coeur d'Alene last spring to work and I was stuck at school in P-town. Don't judge me--they are amazing shoes.

Dinner was fresh shiskabobs. Dessert was homemade Creme Brulee (too lazy to put the accent mark, but I know its there). All made by husband. All delicous. Ate an astonishing amoung, considering the low expenditure of caloric energy on Sunday. Fabulous.

Read outside on the grass in the park. Ate some Ben and Jerry's chocolate PB ice cream, because I decided I hadn't had enough sugar. Smelled my beautiful flowers from my man (see, if you bug them enough about it, they will bring them to you...oh...what a surprise...thank you!). Opened up my present from hubbie, new hot pink running shoes ( I have to keep on running... :-))....

Wonderful day. 23 is looking good so far.


julianne rose said...

love you so much B! wish i could have been there and done something more exciting for your big 2-3. but you are my favorite wife ever - and by wife, i mean not mine, since i am not in fact a lesbian.


GiGi said...

Brittany (and Michael too!) Happy belated birthday Brittany! We know that April and May are big birthday months in the Leonard family. Not to mention Trey's in March. Glad to see all is well and that Michael is taking care of you! We hear that you will be up for a while this summer. We look forward to seeing you! Love, Alan and Sandy

Peterson Family said...

Oh my gosh, we had that exact same plate growing up for our birthdays!