Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Camping and Fishing -- We are from Idaho

A few weekends ago we had the chance to go camping with some friends of ours, Troy and Breezy. While the trip started a little later than planned (we got to the campground as our neighbors were zipping in for the night), it was great. Basically, my husband got to show off his camp stove culinary skills, which include eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage and some derivative of those mixed in with onions and generous amounts of grease, and we sat by a fire and went fishing. His meals probably won't be in a heart-healthy brochure anytime soon, but they were delicious and certainly appreciated. (We also appreciated the bandanna, which was an intentional throwback to the 80s. Rock on.)

I roasted starbursts and tried to help with the fire (e.g. balling up newspaper pages and holding the air pump to artificially enhance the oxidation process). What can I say? I'm handy. My starbursts were a hit. Apparently, our Girls Camp pastime hasn't made it to Georgia yet.

We wimped out on setting up our tent, mostly because it was dark and the campground felt a little too crowded to begin with, so we broke in our wedding gift gear with a nice car camping night. The Highlander was suprisingly comfy, with an air matress mostly blown up and the seats totally flat. I slept well, but it has been said I would sleep well in the middle of an interstate. It also didn't hurt that I was woken by rain and thunder at at 2 am... I have never really trusted my skills with the "rain fly", mostly because I think the emphasis is on it "flying away" while the rain comes. Glad to review my position on that from inside the SUV.

The next day we blew up our friend's dingy and went on the reservoir, hoping fore freat fish karma. Turns out it was the husbands' who were praying for fish karma because they were terrified that if we didn't catch anything we would never set foot on a fishing boat again. And voila! The gods smiled on me and I did catch a fish...you can see the footage here...

As a wrapup, it was a great trip, and who knew there was a reservoir in the middle of Granstville? Oh, and yeah, remember that when you ask your husband if your face looks red, because you suddenly realized that you never put sunscreen on, and you were out of your regular nice Olay lotion with light SPF...it means you want to know if you look sunburnt! And yes--red means sunburnt!!!


julianne rose said...

omg you are so from idaho. :)

that's why i love you.

lulu123 said...

you actually went camping, of your own free will...quite amazing. loves and kisses.

The Erickson's said...

I like what I see. Back to your roots!

FelonyMelanie said...

its ok brit, I have been camping lots this summer :) and I am not from idaho, no fishing though. We will need to go when you get back, I am sad we never got to play before I went to Brasil... when do you get back?

GiGi said...

Love the camping pics! You had a very busy summer! Love you guys! Thanks for going to visit Meagan and the kids Brittany. She was so happy that you and your mom stopped by! Good luck with law school. We will be down the first weekend of September to bless baby Emily. Hope to see you then. We will call you guys.