Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Summer of Coeur d'Alene

Madison and I on a hike on a overnight trip to our Schweitzer cabin.

I chose to channel Julie Andrews in Sound of Music at this particular moment. I think it worked, albeit more hair and less Nazis skulking about.

Michael wakeboarding on his new board--Happy Anniversary/Birthday. The size of the bindings...Magnum. Didn't even know that was a size...sounds like something from an Austin Powers movie.

My back from Brazil RM brother Trey "surfing" behing the boat with my Dad's latest water gadget. Trey is undoubtedly the best surfer in the family, although having Mike as the amazing-movable fat sac certainly doesn't hurt.

My good high school BF Cathie's wedding in Boise on August 9, 2008.

The rest of the Fabulous Foursome from high school, my friends Grete and Emily. We were nostalgic about our HS memories...when we debated, vandalized, ate amazing amounts of ice cream at Dockside and once stole a penguin from a teacher's yard. Life was good.

The sunset view from the reception site.

The wedding site, St. Mark's.

My little sisters getting to ready to go out on the boat (Madi had straightened her hair the night before and opted to wear a snazy swimcap so as to not get her hair wet while wakeboarding). And apparently Madison is eating Hannah.

Me on a friend's jetski.

Mike--he did a bit more submarining on his ride...but did you expect anything less?

My little sis Hannah and I getting ready to wor---I mean---eat, Costco's amazing chocolate cake. Apparently, they call it the Holy Grail. Amen indeed. Pretty much the whole cake disappeared under our evening-out of edges.

My Mom and I took a side trip to Jackson Hole to see our cousin Mallory perform. On our day out we took a ride up the mountain that abutts the main town.

We also sucessfully found our cousin (lured into her saloon by her southern yodeling) and watched her cheese-it-up at the evening shootout.

It was wonderful to see Mallory and to take our time in driving back to Utah. Since Michael was still in CDA helping out with a kiteboarding clinic for friends, I ended up getting some quality time with my madre.

Being home was wonderful--simply without words. While shuffling family traditions/recreation activities/outings isn't always easy between two highly possessive families, it was a good problem to have. Much love to everyone we were able to see and those who we will have to catch on the flip side.


Elizabeth said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous summer! What are the plans for the coming year?

Marilyn & Steve said...

It was really nice to see you guys around for a while! Come back and put up with us all more often! Have a great semester, and best of luck in your way cool classes! You go, girl!
Aunt Marilyn!

GiGi said...

We sure love you guys! Great pictures! Thanks for visiting Meagan and the kids. She was so happy to have some company! Hopefully we will see you soon. We will now be coming down the end of September to be there for Emily's blessing.

Love, Sandy

Darcy and Adam said...

Brit, you're darling. It looks like the two of you are having a blast and I'm SO jealous that you got to spend so much time in CDA this summer. Adam and I were in West Yellowstone at the Playmill and I missed CDA a lot. Nice to find you here... keep in touch