Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Celebrating the arrival of Baby Ratelle...

I felt like the luckiest pregnant woman alive on Saturday to have such great friends and family celebrate the upcoming arrival with this beautiful shower. Thank you so much to Kelly (hostess/pregnant mama), Melanie (master graphic designer/photographer/pie baker and to my wonderful cousins Shalynna, Megan and Elisa who all came with full hands of delicious food! These photos are also courtesy of our new toy, our new Canon 7D camera that we are super psyched about it (don't even ask Mike about it unless you want to hear a sales pitch on its technical aspects worthy of a time-share villa!)...I am no expert photographer yet but it's a lot of fun to play around with -- let's hope we can get up on that learning curve fast with baby "blowing in"...

I loved how the invitations turned out -- all thanks to Melanie's Fifth and Hazel skills. 


Yummy Zupa's salad, mini quiches, raspberry lemonade and Provo bakery sweet rolls...

 Adorable handmade hot air balloons to match the invites -- thank you Courtney and Kelly!

Kelly - my favorite pregger cousin who will be right on my heels welcoming her own little one in a few weeks. 

My Aunt Cheryl, Megan, baby Sophie, and my Mom -- wonderful women and moms in their own right. It was a very special treat to have both my Mom and my aunt there to celebrate. 

Our "guessing' candy jar -- since we are all about guesses and surprises with this baby...and the bookmark favors Melanie designed for the guests. 

The best kind of "green" wrapping paper -- using linens from around the house!

 Mel - the ever-able photographer. 

My Mom -- who guessed my circumference (that does make me sound like a planet...huh...) exactly at 41.5 inches! She didn't cheat -- I swear!!

 Mom and Mallory. 

 Emily and Kelly. 

Onesies decorated during the shower. They turned out really cute. 

My law school buddies, Nate, Heather, Erica, Danae and Brittany -- a great group of girls who have been able to survive (so far) the highs and lows...we're almost done!

Vintage wall decor. 

Thank you again to all who made it such a special day! Love -- B


Lexy and Jared said...

I kind of want to cry. Breaks my heart that I can't be there, and instead have to teach delinquent youth. But I love you! And everything looks fantastic! And I can't wait to meet Baby when!

Meagan Zastrow said...

Looks like a fun party, now just time to wait. We just got the 7D as well. I need to practice a lot, but I think it is going to be really great. Good luck with the home stretch, you look great!

felonymelanie said...

it was so fun. I need to send you all the photos I took of you- the only thing missing in this is how beautiful you looked!