Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Will one of you guys come out here and comment on the meat I'm grilling?

You can't fake a grin like that. This birthday boy finally got his smoker grill. You can fit a whole pig in there...apparently. So useful since our pork farm has really taken off.

Love you babe-- and Happy 26th!!

p.s...I was looking through our wedding slideshow to look at what a Brittany/Michael Baby combo might look like and stumbled upon this photo...couldn't resist throwing it in there since obviously some things don't change. 


cathie.cooper said...

Somehow I don't think you're upset about this, Britt. We all know how much you love your meat. Before we know it, that baby will be eating foot-long double-meat subs like they're nothin'.

Lars said...

Now Mocha just needs to start hunting with Astin and Zim and you can make some awesome elk burgers et cetera. Or trade them meat for usage....although it did take them both ages to finally kill something other than a squirrel.

julianne rose said...


does that work?


Kelsee said...

Yes, Happy LATE Birthday Mike. That's a rockin' present. Beats a puppy I think. Lol -Kelsee

Lexy and Jared said...

Ahh!! A smoker! Now we HAVE to come for spring break (as if baby weren't reason enough...).

mratelle said...

jooj, could you make that into a ringtone?... thanks all for the birthday wishes and Lexy you and jared better be here in november... if you do then the child's middle name will be Alexis boy or girl