Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just when you thought life couldn't get any better

Anthropologie starts offering swimwear in its summer collection. I know--as if store patrons needed any more excuses to be tempted to shoplift when they cannnot afford aforementioned items yet still deeply...deeply...covet them. Sigh.

I like this dashing number, least of all because it wouldn't raise as many eyebrows at a "warhd" function, although always entertaining.

It makes me want to walk along the beaches in the Mediterranean...with espadrilles and a purse esconced in a yellow scarf. Too bad one would have to escape work and the majority of fiscal responsibilities to make the vision a reality.

In blogging news, I am helping my company start a law firm blog or "blawg" as they are known in that industry. It promises to be an interesting experiment as most attorneys find it difficult to accomplish tasks that they can't pawn off as billable time. Thus, why we have to bait client development events with plenty of food and drink, enough to send Hannibal on a second trek.

Even in my meeting, the managment collectively snickered about some of the insitutional barriers in actually keeping a blog, or any project that requires human effort, going. I think wise words from Demotivators can express the idea more soundly that I can. And on that note...I am slacking off to get some lunch.


tom reeves said...

It's funny but I just put up a link to despair.com on my blog, too. That might be the opposite of despair.

Elizabeth said...

That suit is too fabulous...where's my pina colada to accompany it?

Liz said...

The walk next to the sea sounds incredible right now. Sun, waves crashing, no responsibilities...sign me up!